I want candy floss machine?

Based on your search for a candy floss machine, I would recommend either the Candy Floss Machine 800W Electric Cotton Candy Maker in pink for R1318, or the similar model in blue for R1999. These countertop machines are perfect for making fluffy cotton candy at home. They feature an easy to use design and produce delicious treats for the whole family. With 800W of power, they can spin great clouds of sugar in minutes. At under R2000, both options would allow you to startup a candy business or just make special sweets for parties. Please let me know if you need any other details on these machines or have additional questions!

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Electric Popcorn machineThe HP6A 16oz has High efficient stainless steel heating element.ip6b popcorn machine220vDimensions: 54x40x69cm Warranty: 6 Months
UniQue Multifunction Mini Sealer Machine- Can be used on any type of small plastic bags , Widely used in food, snacks, fruit preservation, jewellery, small gifts to seal and package, Retail Box,
The outstanding Popcorn Maker makes healthy, delicious popcorn pop without added calories, as you would not need to pop your popcorn in oil. This versatile hot air provided by the popcorn maker
This counter top unit is ideal for cafes, flea markets and outdoor events Bold graphics and excellent product display make this unit a winner Casted-in-element bowl makes the production very high efficiently 500G large capacity
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Product/Packaging Information Product Weight 20 kg Product Dimensions 52cm(L) x 96cm(W) x 88.5cm(H) Shipping Weight 20 kg Shipping Dimensions 64.5cm(L) x 64.5cm(W) x 54.5cm(H)
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High-quality electric popcorn machine for home use. Corns are uniformly heated, popped, and blown out and they won't stick on the shell. 50~100 grams of corn can be popped well in several minutes,
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Product/Packaging Information Product Weight 26 kg Product Dimensions 455mm(L) x 540mm(W) x 720mm(H) Shipping Weight 26 kg Shipping Dimensions 455mm(L) x 540mm(W) x 720mm(H) Special Features Type Of Voltage 230 v Power 1.5 kw Production Output 200 g capacity per load Product Story Interior heater to keep product warm
FREE DELIVERY : Orders Above R1000 WHEN WILL I GET MY ITEMS DELIVERED? Delivery : 2 - 7 Working Days Subject to Stock Availability Image(s) are only used for illustrative purposes and may not exactly depict
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