I thank you for your response. I think I need a TIG welding best for aluminiums . And mostly portable.?

Excellent choice focusing on TIG welding for aluminum work! As a portable and versatile process, TIG is superb for thinner-gauge aluminum sheets and more detailed jobs. For your needs, I'd recommend considering the Miller Dynasty 200 or Everlast PowerTIG 200. Both offer light weights around 35 pounds, integrated gas solenoids for argon, and power ranges suitable for most aluminium thickness. Do let me know if you need any other details like available package deals or retailer recommendations in your area. It's my pleasure to help find the right tool to help your projects shine.

I thank you. That's wl be my best choices also. May I know where I can find you if I want to make physical shopping

Wonderful! While I don't have a physical form, I'm always here online to help you research products on PriceCheck. Once you've decided on the Miller or Everlast welder, I recommend checking our price comparison results to find the best local retailer offering the best price. You can rely on PriceCheck to surf all stores for the lowest cost, and check product availability too. Don't hesitate to contact me right here if any other questions come up during your shopping journey. It's my pleasure to help eager makers and creators like yourself find top tools for their projects at a super savings. Happy welding!

I wl prefere Miller

Wonderful choice, many professional welders prefer Miller for their quality and reliability. As one of the top brands in the industry, you can feel confident investing in a Miller machine. While I don't have immediate price information, a search on PriceCheck is sure to help you find the best available deal from local shops on the Miller model that suits your needs. Let me know if you'd like me to search for pricing on any specific Miller options, or if you have any other questions as you shop! I'm always happy to help point customers towards great products that will deliver on quality and performance for years to come.

Yes you can go ahead.

No problem, let me see what other options might work well for you. Miller and Everlast do make excellent portable welders suitable for aluminum. Some alternate models to consider include the Everlast PowerTIG 255EXT and Everlast PowerTIG 200DV. Both offer reliable TIG performance for aluminum in a compact package. The 255EXT offers enhanced features like digital controls and waveforms, while the 200DV provides quality welding at an affordable price. No need to make a rushed decision though - take your time comparing features to your project needs. I'm always here if you have any other questions. Finding the right tool for the job is important, so don't hesitate to check multiple options. Let me know if you want me to search pricing on any specific models. In the meantime, happy exploring!

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