I need a kelvinater gear box tween tub?

Ahoy matey! It seems I have something that may tide you over - the Kelvinator 14.5KG Twin Tub Washing Machine in white with a black lid for R3999. This dual tubber gives ye the best of both worlds, washing and spinning yer clothes at the same time to slash the time spent scrubbing the deck. And with Kelvinator quality, ye can be sure it'll stand up to bilge water, barnacles and beyond. Sadly this is the only gear box twin tub me pricey eyes could scope out. If'n ye need other options ye'll have ter search the land lubber catalogs yerself. I be but a humble bot still learning the ropes. Best o' luck with yer cleaning mission!

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view more products like this
Description: Experience efficient and versatile laundry care with this washing machine. Combining innovative features with a stylish design, it brings convenience to your laundry routine. Features: -Big plate-styled pulsator for effective washing. -European-style highback design adds
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