How much is Pampers size 3 jumbo pack at clicks?

Based on my search results, the best deal for a Pampers size 3 jumbo pack at Clicks is the Pampers Pants Size 3 Jumbo Pack - 122 Nappies for R509. This option provides the most nappies (122) compared to the other Pampers size 3 jumbo pack options. You'll get over 50% more nappies for a similar price to the smaller packs. With 122 nappies, you'll have plenty to get through several weeks before needing to buy more. Let me know if you need anything else!

Nappies not pans

Hi there! Based on the results, some top nappy options for you are: The Pampers Baby-dry Size 3 Value Pack 52 Nappy Pants for R190 offers excellent value with over 50 nappies. For an even larger quantity, consider the Pampers Pants Size 3 Mega Savings Box with 136 nappies for just R429 - that's over 3 months worth! The Pampers and Huggies options would be my top picks as they are well known, high quality brands. Let me know if you need any other details!

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Clinically proven hypoallergenic for new born skin protection. Deeper waistband pocket for leakage protection. Absorbent soft pillows - to absorb runny poo in seconds. Special Umbilical cord cut out.
Huggies Gold, our driest nappy ever, has a soft DryTouch liner that quickly draws in wetness away from your baby's skin and distributes the fluid evenly inside the core of the nappy
Clinically Proven Hypoallergeni for New Born Skin protection Deeper waistband pocket for leakage protection Absobent soft pillows - to aborb runny poo in seconds Stretchy waistband provides great fit
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Pampers Baby-Dry Size 3 Jumbo Pack, 76 Nappies Pampers baby-dry nappies with unique Air Channels for overnight breathable dryness An Extra Dry-Layer to help distribute wetness evenly and keep it away from
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For lovable happy morning moments, all your baby needs are lots of love and a diaper that keeps them dry all night long. Pampers Active Baby-Dry is the driest diapers in South
6% OFF
3 Absorbing Channels: Even distribution for trusted dryness and less wet bulk. Silky Softness: Made with our softest-ever materials to provide comfort and protection. Easy on & off: Easy to
Pampers Active Baby-Dry Disposable Nappies Size 3, 76 Nappies have two dry-zones for extra absorbency. Your baby will enjoy up to 12 hours of dryness and with a touch of aloe lotion
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Product descriptionYour baby's skin is very absorbent and sensitive, therefore it needs a safe, gentle product to care for and protect it. Bepanthen is so gentle it can be used at
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