how much is litres turpentine?

Thanks for the question! Based on my search of turpentine prices on PriceCheck, I'd recommend either the Mineral Turpentine 750ML for R34.99 or the Powafix - Mineral Turpentine 750ML for R45. Both of these options are affordable choices that will give you 750mL of turpentine. The Powafix brand is often very reliable. Let me know if you need any other details! I'm still learning so my search results may not be perfect, but I'm hoping these suggestions help you find a good turpentine deal.

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Description: Genuine Turpentine POWAFIX 750ml is a high-quality and authentic turpentine solution. It is an essential product for artists, painters, and DIY enthusiasts who require a reliable solvent for various applications. This 750ml
Dala Artists' Turpentine is a diluent for artists' oil colourIt allows for the alteration of the paints consistency. It reduces the paints gloss and accelerates drying time. It can be useful in
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Perfect for keeping your food fresh. Leakproof, Airtight. Modular Stacking and Nesting. Space saving effeciency. Made in New Zealand. Dishwasher safe (top rack only) Microwave safe (without the lid) Fridge and freezer
One and Only Original Oven, Braai & Grill Cleaner is a concentrated, water-based, high-alkaline detergent. It is a fat-busting cleaning compound, scientifically formulated for the fast and cost-effective removal of a variety
Concentrated automotive cooling system additive to regulate and control temperature fluctuations that may lead to damage due to freezing (frost) or overheating.Contains corrosion inhibitors for internal protection of metals used within the
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