How much how can I get teeth I need upper teeth and lower teeth?

Based on your question, it seems like you need a new set of upper and lower dentures. The search brought up a few great options: The Adhesive Cushions For Lower Denture Box 30 Pack for R184.99 and Adhesive Upper Denture Cushions 30 Pack for R184.99 would help keep your new dentures comfortably in place. The more complete denture options found were Complete Denture Prosthodontics - Planning And Decision-making Hardcover 1ST Ed. 2018 for R6426 and Esthetics And Function In Complete Denture Prosthesis Hardcover for R3611. These books would help your dentist design and fit dentures that look natural and allow you to eat with ease. I'd recommend scheduling a denture fitting appointment with your trusted dentist. They can work with you to get a new set of upper and lower teeth that feel great and help you smile and eat with confidence again. Let me know if you need any other assistance!

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