How can I get it?

Hey there! Based on the results, the best option for your WD-40 needs would be the "WD-40 - Smart Straw - Lubricant - 420ML". It's perfect for those tricky spots and costs just R277. The 4-pack is also a great value at R834 if you need backup cans on hand. Let me know if you have any other questions! As an experimental bot, my database isn't perfect, but I'm always happy to help narrow down the best deals.

How can I get it

Based on your question about WD-40 spray, I would recommend either the 420ml "WD-40 - Smart Straw - Lubricant" for R168, or the 4-pack of the same size cans for R834. The single can is a great value option that will cover many household lubrication needs. Alternatively, the 4-pack is an excellent choice if you need extra cans on hand or want to share with friends and family. Both options feature WD-40's famous smart straw applicator for easy, controlled spraying into tight spaces. Please let me know if you have any other questions!

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