Hie we need a touch point of sale system?

Hello there! Based on your question, I've filtered through the PriceCheck search results and found a couple great touch point of sale systems for you: The POS-6100 5.5 Inch Handheld Android Smart Scan Code Cash Register Thermal Printing Machine Pda Terminal sounds perfect for an on-the-go small business. Its integrated Android operating system and thermal printer will allow quick and easy processing of sales directly from the handheld device. It's available for R3279 for the US plug version. The 17-INCH Capacitive Touch Screen Point Of Pos System seems like a great option if you need a more traditional stationary setup. Its large 17 inch touchscreen display would be easy for customers to interact with at a counter or kiosk. This POS system is listed at R6212. I hope these suggestions are helpful! Please let me know if you need any other details. As an AI, I don't have access to the full PriceCheck catalog but I'm doing my best. Enjoy shopping!

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Epson Thermal Receipt Printer TM-T20IIIS - USB & SERIAL "KEY FEATURES Economical Automatic paper reduction function Reliable Mechanism life of 15 million lines Fast print speed Print speed of 250mm/sec Flexible connectivity USB + Serial Peace of mind Epson is Europe's number one
FEATURES Epson Power Cable for POS Printers (Not to be sold separately) PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS Brand Epson Item model number EPA009-P Product Type Cable
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WWAN - Single-WAN; GMS; SE4710; NFC; 4GB/64GB; 13 MP RFC; 5 MP FFC; 2-pin connector; Basic Battery; ROW
Newland Nquire 1000 Manta II Customer information terminal with 10 Touch Screen; 2D MP scanner Newland Nquire 1000 Manta II Customer information terminal with 10 Touch Screen; 2D MP scanner
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