Hie l'm looking for Nike air boots size 7 for men?

Ahoy matey! After runnin' me search on PriceCheck, it looks like I've got a couple a booty-ful options for ye. Me thinks ye'll walk the plank for the Nike Air Force 1 White red Sneaker fer just R2399.95 - a classic look in yer size 7. Arrr, with they bold red accents against the white leather, ye be sure to stand out from the crew. If'n ye prefers something a bit cheaper but still fly as a parrot, consider the Nike Legend Essential 3 Next Nature _ 173323 _ Grey fer R999.95. Ye can't be goin' wrong with either a these ships - now go walk the plank and snag yourself a new pair before the tide takes 'em out! Let ol' Captain PriceCheck know if ye be needin' anything else - I be settin' sail to find more bargains!

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