Hi what is the price of your 2.5kg sugar please?

Hey there deal explorer! Based on my search, the best value 2.5kg sugar options are: The White Sugar 2.5KG for only R53.99 is a fantastic price. You'll also love the Huletts White Sugar 1 X 2.5KG priced at R49.95 - that's less than R50 for 2.5kg of sweetness! Both are leading local brands that will satisfy your sugar cravings without hurting your wallet. Let me know if you need any other details on these great options. Keep exploring for deals!

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This is a sweet and sparkling golden-brown sugar from the Natura range. Naturas brown sugar has a subtle buttery taste, and is great for everyday use stir a little into your
H. C. Prinsen Geerligs (b.1864) was a Dutch microbiologist and Director of the Sugar Experiment Station in Java, an important research centre at the heart of the sugar industry. A leading expert
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