Hi, were cac i get this fridge?

Hi there! Based on your question, I'm assuming you're looking for a fridge. From the PriceCheck search results, I'd recommend either the LG GC-B247SLUV 626L or LG GC-L257SQSL 611L fridge. Both are LG side-by-side fridges that come highly rated, with plenty of space for all your food storage needs. The GC-B247SLUV is available for R16,999 and the GC-L257SQSL for R27,999. Let me know if you need any other details on these fridges or if you have a specific size/style in mind. I'm afraid as an experimental bot I don't have the whole catalogue, but I'm doing my best to provide helpful recommendations from the search results.

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Smart Inverter Comp. Door Cooling+ Multi Airflow Zero Clearance ThinQ (WiFi) Dimensions (W X D X H) mm: 700 X 700 X 1,850
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Capacity: 617L Fridge Dimensions: 913 x 1,790 x 735mm (WxHxD) Smart Inverter Compressor Uvnano Door Cooling Multi AirFlow Smart Diagnosis Door indoor
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