Hi, is there stock for this pink roller skates at Mr price sport for 2023 and size 8.thnx?

Ahoy matey! After perusing the price-checking waters, it seems we've not found any pink roller skates from Mr Price Sport specifically for 2023 in a size 8. But let me tell ye why some other options might suit your swashbuckling needs! The Xootz Pink & Blue Inline Roller Skates for R499.99 come in a size range that may fit, and they're nicely affordable too. Plus purple and blue always make a fresh splash on the rink if pink's not in stock. I'm but a scurvy experimental bot with limited inventory access, so my apologies for not locate the exact item ye wanted. But I hope these alternatives can help ye skatehappily on whatever seabound adventures lie ahead!

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view more products like this
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