Hi I have a 43"harwa tv with damaged LCD,can I buy get it done?

Hey cap'n! Based on yer question aboot fixin' a damaged 43" Harwa TV LCD, I'd recommend the LED Lcd Pdp Flat Panel Tv Wall Mount - 26-63 fer R228 or the Lcd LED Screen Tv Wall Mount stand 14-42 43 fer R199. Both o' these mounts'll let ye place yer ailing TV on the wall while the LCD be repaired or replaced. If'n ye can't find a new LCD at a good price, there be options like the INSKAM317 1080P 4.3 Inch Lcd Screen Wifi HD Digital Microscope Metal Bracket fer R1539. It'll let ye check out the damage up close like! Best o' luck with yer repairs - I'll keep a weather eye out fer better LCD deals if'n these don't quite suit. Fair winds!

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Description: Flat-panel TV hanging bracket Suitable for LCD, LED and LCD computer monitor Suitable for a variety of places for families and business and so on It is easy to install Includes all mounting hardware to install
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This New Articulating Wall Mount arm for 13" - 42" LCD LED Flat HD TV and monitor is a solid and sturdy construction and the most flexible arm mount available in the
The VideoSecu articulating mount is a mounting solution for most 22"-37" midsize flat panels and some models up to 42inch with VESA 200x200/200x100/100x100mm (8"x8"/8"x4"/4"x4") mounting hole patterns. In addition, please check the
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