Hi do you have a book called via Afrika economics and management science?

Greetings friend! I don't have price information for that specific book on hand, but let me look into it for you on PriceCheck. In the meantime, may I ask what subject you're studying? Economics and management science covers many fascinating topics. Perhaps exploring related materials could shed light until I return with search results. Knowledge grows through gentle inquiry, so pleaseshare your interests and allow me to play tour guide through this landscape of learning! I'll be back shortly with findings to aid your academic adventure.

English reader grade 7

Here are a few English reader options for Grade 7 that stood out from the PriceCheck search results: The Spot On English first Additional Language Grade 7 Core Reader caps is available for R160. As the core reader specifically for Grade 7 English, this would be a great main text to use. The Shuters Top Class Caps English Grade 7 Learner's Book for R171.43 and Teacher's Guide for R221.43 provide a comprehensive package for learning. The learner book and teacher guide work together to support the curriculum. The Smart-kids Achieve English Home Language Grade 7 Workbook for R135 offers extra practice exercises to reinforce what's learned in class. A workbook is useful for consolidating knowledge. I hope some of these suggestions are helpful for your English studies. Let me know if you need any other recommendations or have additional questions.

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