Hi. Do you assemble the treadmill also when delivered. Is this a commercial treadmill?

Thanks for your question! Based on the search results, the Nordictrack X22I, Prime Fitness Mirage S60, and Everlast Enduro treadmills would all make great choices. The Nordictrack and Prime Fitness models are higher-end commercial-grade treadmills that come with a lifetime motor warranty and tough construction suited for heavy daily use. The Everlast Enduro offers excellent value as a more affordable home treadmill, coming with built-in Bluetooth and fitness apps to help you train smarter. All of these treadmills would need to be assembled upon delivery. Let me know if you need any other details on features or self-assembly requirements for these specific models. I'm happy to provide more info to help you choose the perfect treadmill!

It's for me and my family's use

Based on your need for a treadmill for you and your family's use, I would recommend the Sole Fitness F65 Home Treadmill for R27995 or the Sole Fitness F60 Home Treadmill for R18995. Both Sole Fitness treadmills are designed for home use and built to withstand regular use by multiple people. They have large running decks and power incline options to make workouts more challenging. The F65 also has Bluetooth connectivity if you wish to enjoy entertainment while exercising. These treadmills should provide many years of reliable use for your whole family. Please let me know if you need any other details!

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Aren't ALL our picks staff picks?Technically, yes. We have an entire team of good-looking and highly-skilled individuals on the payroll to do exactly that. But these deals are different. These are the favourites.
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Adidas T-19i treadmill. The T-19i treadmill from Adidas impresses with its modern design, stability and functionality. The extra large, well-cushioned tread of 140 x 46 cm offers enough space to give real gas.
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Foldable both standing and flat, the i-Run 4.0 adapts to the space you have. Built with the home in mind, the quick release mechanism unfolds in seconds with integrated transport wheels for easy positioning. Housing
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Specifications; - Motor 4/7 (Peak) HP DC - 5 years warranty - Speed 1,0 - 22,0 Km/h with 0,1 km/h increasing - Incline 15% with 15-level motor incline - Programs 1 manual, 24 pre-set, 4 target,
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