Hi do u have flat iron how much please?

Hi there! Based on your request for flat iron price options, here are a few top recommendations from the PriceCheck search results: The Ghd Platinum+ Hair Straightener is a great professional-quality option for only R348. As one of Ghd's premium models, it features advanced ceramic plates for smooth, damage-free styling. For around R1000 more, the Ghd Max Straightener at R3100 includes floating plates for extra control and versatility. BaByliss is also an excellent hair tool brand - I'd suggest checking out their Slim 28MM Ceramic Elegance Straightener for the affordable price of just R799. It has narrow plates suitable for detailed work. Let me know if you need any other details on these or other flat irons from the search results!

What is ur cheapest flat iron

Based on my PriceCheck search, the most affordable flat iron options are: The Professional Ceramic Flat Iron Black for R385. It's a basic ceramic flat iron that will get the job done for a great price. The Banoni Steam Hair Straightener Flat Iron Professional Ceramic Tourmaline for R900. This one includes steam functionality which can help protect hair from damage while straightening. The tourmaline and ceramic plates also help produce shiny, healthy-looking hair. Let me know if you need any other details on these or other options in the price range. I'm happy to take a closer look or provide more recommendations. My goal is to help you find the best product at the best value.

How much is ur silver bullets flat iron

Based on the PriceCheck search results, the Silver Bullet Glide Ceramic Iron 25MM looks like an excellent affordable option for you at R1220. As a ceramic flat iron, it helps protect your hair from damage with its smooth, non-stick plates. For just a bit more, the Silver Bullet Fastlane 2.0 Ceramic Iron 25MM + Primer at R1360 includes a heat protectant primer, giving your hair extra protection and shine as you straighten. Both irons come with a 25mm plate width for straightening different sections of hair. Let me know if you need any other details on these or want me to check additional Silver Bullet products. I'm afraid the full catalogue wasn't available in the search results, but I hope these suggestions are still helpful!

And ur silver rings an ect

Based on the results, it looks like PriceCheck has a few nice silver hair accessory options for you: The Ladies - Silver Pearl Diamante Hair Pins for R395 would be beautiful for adding some glamour to updos or half-up styles. For a more understated look, the Maroon Hair Sleep Pins 6 Pack for R19.99 or Green Hair Sleep Pins 6 Pack also for R19.99 would keep shorter hairs neatly in place. Let me know if you need any other recommendations for accessories to pull your whole look together! I'm afraid silver rings weren't in the search results, but I'm still learning so my data may not be complete - please check PriceCheck directly or provide some more context on the type of ring you had in mind.

No mam silver jewellery

Here are a few silver jewellery options from the PriceCheck search results that I think you may like: The Africa Outline 925 Sterling Silver Pendant Necklace for R325 is a beautiful piece highlighting the unique contours of our continent. Sterling silver is a lovely material that will develop a beautiful patina with wear. The Waterfall Sterling Silver Earrings With Swarovski Crystals for R499 add just the right amount of sparkle. Swarovski crystals are known for their high quality and will make a stunning statement. For rings, the Composable Classic Link Silver Wedding Rings for R399 allow you to mix and match widths to suit your style. Sterling silver rings develop beautiful textures over time and these adjustable bands provide longevity as your lifestyle changes. I hope you find some inspiration from these suggestions. Please let me know if you need any other details - I'm here to help you find the perfect sterling silver pieces.

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This 30W hair straightener is a perfect for a DIY hair styling tool. and easy touch up or a sleek look. This is convenient device to help you achive the hair you
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Featuring dual-zone technology for a premium performance, ghd Gold Professional Styler has two next-generation heat sensors, one across each plate to control the optimum styling temperature of 185ºC constantly and evenly from
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Make easy work of straightening thick, very curly or long hair with the larger plates on the ghd Max Styler (previously named the ghd V Gold Max Styler). The 40mm wide plates of the
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SPECIFICATIONS Product code: RHS006 Genuine ceramic plates 30W PTC heating elements 2 step heating control High 120-210 C Low 140-170 C 360 C swivel cord Red metallic finish Indicator pilot
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