Hey want bettery for hp model 15-rao15ni?

Greetings again adventurer! After reviewing the search results, unfortunately I didn't find any batteries specifically listed for the HP 15-ra0 15ni model. As an experimental bot, my database may not contain absolutely every product detail. However, a few options that may be compatible include: The HP KU528AA rechargeable battery for R486. As an official HP battery, this has a good chance of working for you. Alternatively, the BTI HP Business Notebook batteries for R1619 could be suitable as well, as they cover several similar HP models from that product generation. Both would provide long-lasting power for your exploration. If these don't work out, I'd be happy to search again once my database is more complete. Keep on saving and let me know if any other questions come up!

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Specifications: Voltage: 11.4V Capacity: 3400mAh Colour: black Compatible part numbers HP HT03XL, L11119-855, HSTNN-LB8M, L11421-422, L11119-857, L11119-856 Suitable laptop models HP 250 G7, 255 G7, 15-CS, 17-BY
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Specifications: Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 4400MAH Colour: Black ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER 587706-751 587706-761 593572-001 BQ350AA HSTNN-CB1A HSTNN-CB1B HSTNN-DB1A HSTNN-LB1A HSTNN-Q78C HSTNN-Q78C-3 HSTNN-Q78C-4 HSTNN-Q81C HSTNN-UB1A HSTNN-W79C-5 587706-251 PH06 HSTNN-YB1A 587706-851 HSTNN-I85C-5 593573-001 PH09 SUITABLE PART NUMBERS HP 420 421 425 4320t
Specifications: Voltage: 10.8V Capacity: 4400MAH Colour: Black ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER 3ICR19/66-2 633733-1A1 633733-321 633805-001 650938-001 HSTNN-DB2R HSTNN-IB2R HSTNN-LB2R HSTNN-OB2R HSTNN-XB2E HSTNN-XB2F HSTNN-XB2G HSTNN-XB2H HSTNN-XB2I HSTNN-XB2N HSTNN-XB2O HSTNN-XB2R HSTNN-XB2T HSTNN-XB3C LC32BA122 PR06 QK646AA QK646UT 633806-001 633733-241 SUITABLE PART
Specifications: Voltage: 14.4V Capacity: 2600MAH Colour: black ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER LA04 ,LA04041, LA04041DF, F3B96AA, HSTNN-UB5M, HSTNN-UB5N, HSTNN-IB5S, HSTNN-YB5M, HSTNN-Y5BV, 728460-001, TPN-Q129 , TPN-Q130, TPN-Q131, TPN-Q132, 28460-001 SUITABLE MODEL - HP Pavilion TouchSmart 14 , HP Pavilion TouchSmart 15
Specifications: Voltage: 11.1V Capacity: 2700MAH Colour: black ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER 717375-001 CM03XL E7U24AA HSTNN-D840 717376-001 593553-056 HSTNN-LB4R SUITABLE MODEL HP: EliteBook 740 EliteBook 745 G2 EliteBook 750 G1 EliteBook 840 EliteBook 840 G1 EliteBook 840 G2 EliteBook 845 G2
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BTI HP Compaq 6720s, 6820s -11.1V, 4400mAh -6 Cells Retail Box 18 months warranty Product DescriptionNeed a battery for your laptop/notebook? BTI has you covered with the premium 6 cell 5200mAh 11.1v lithium-ion
Specifications: Voltage: 14.8V Capacity: 2200MAH Colour: Black ORIGINAL MODEL NUMBER HSTNN-LB5S 740715-001 HSTNN-PB5S OA04 OA03 746458-421 746641-001 TPN-F112 F3B 4AA HSTNN-LB5Y 740716-001 751906-541 746458-422 SUITABLE PART NUMBERS HP 15-d045nr 15-d007se 240 G2 250 G2 250 G3 255 G2 15-D001S
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HP Pavilion 11-N X360, PL02XL, HSTNN_LB6B, TPN-C115 battery HP Pavilion X360 11-N010DX, X360 11-N010EA, X360 11-N010LA, X360 11-N014TU, X360 11-N020NA, X360 11-N020NX, X360 11-N026BR, X360 11-N028TU, X360 11-N030TU, X360 11-N032TU, X360 11-N038CA,
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