Hey how much is Huggies extra care size 2 regular pack?

Hey there friendly shopper! Based on my search, the Huggies Extra Care Nappies Size 2 80S is available for R209 and seems like a great option for a regular pack. At 80 nappies, it provides plenty of value for regular use. It's also great that the price is the same as the Size 1 pack, despite containing more nappies. Huggies is a top-brand known for its dry and comfy fits. Let me know if you need any other info!

And with the 94 nappies in

Based on your question, I would recommend the Huggies Dry Comfort Size 2 New Baby Jumbo Pack - 94 Nappies for R239.99 as it gives you the larger 94 nappy size you asked about. Huggies are known for being dry and comfortable on baby's skin. This jumbo pack provides great value as it will last longer than the smaller packs. Let me know if you need any other details!

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Clinically proven hypoallergenic for new born skin protection. Deeper waistband pocket for leakage protection. Absorbent soft pillows - to absorb runny poo in seconds. Special Umbilical cord cut out.
Features:- Super absorbent lock gel core- Stretchy leak guard waistband- Uniquely shape with inner and outer - Improved re-sealable fasteners- Disney character Winnie the Pooh and friend on
Clinically Proven Hypoallergeni for New Born Skin protection Deeper waistband pocket for leakage protection Absobent soft pillows - to aborb runny poo in seconds Stretchy waistband provides great fit
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Huggies Extra Care New Baby offers babies our most gentle protection. Our unique runny poo pocket helps with leakage protection and our soft absorbent pillows draw mess away from babys delicate skin
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The Huggies Extra Care range provides our very best skin care and protection. With a unique runny poo pocket at the back of the nappy for extra leakage protection, and soft pillows
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Pampers Premium Care Disposable Nappies Size 2 76 Nappies are made ultra thin For a better fit and will keep your baby dry for up to 12 hours. They have
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