hello. whats the different between Ryobi 125CC Petrol Lawnmower and Ryobi 99CC Petrol Lawnmower?

Hi there! From the search results, it looks like there isn't a 99CC Ryobi lawn mower listed. However, there are a few 125CC options that should give you a great cut. The top two models are the Ryobi 4-STROKE Petrol Lawnmower 125CC for R3499, and the Ryobi Petrol Lawnmower 125CC 410MM for R3435. Both of these come highly rated and have a 125CC engine size, which should provide plenty of power for most residential lawns. Let me know if you have any other questions!

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The Ryobi Petrol Lawnmower 125CC is the machine that you need to keep your garden looking freshly trimmed and neat with a two-year warranty.
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Engine Capacity: OHV, 4-stroke, forced air cooling Displacement: 125cc Rated Speed: 2900min-1 Rated Power: 1.9kW Cutting Height: 20-65mm (7-step) Cutting Width:410mm Catcher Volume:45L Wheel Diameter:156mm, rear 178mm
Engine Capacity : OHV, 4-stroke, forced air cooling Displacement : 190cc Rated Speed : 2900min Rated Power : 3.4KW Cutting Height : 20mm 75mm Cutting Width : 480mm Catcher Volume : 60L Wheel Diameter : Front 180mm, rear
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