good-day, please assist, i purchased a powerseeker 70 AZ, however, as it was a secondhand purchase, the eyepiece or finderscope is not in the package:( I am not by the means to be purchase a brand new one. Please advise where and how i can purchase a f?

Good day! Based on your request for an eyepiece or finder scope for a Powerseeker 70 AZ telescope, I would recommend the following options available in Cape Town: The Celestron Omni eyepieces ranging from 6mm to 15mm for R2059 each would be a great choice as these are specifically designed for 1.25" telescope eyepieces and come highly rated. They will provide different magnifications to suit various observing needs. For a finder scope, the Astronomical Telescope 8-24MM zoom eyepiece for R589 could work well as it will allow you to easily adjust the magnification for locating targets. Both of these options are well within your budget and available locally. Please let me know if you need any other details. I hope this help you find a suitable accessory for your telescope.

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The fixed magnification LER (Long Eye Relief) Eyepiece is a great addition to your Celestron spotting scope, especially if you participate in shooting sports. With a generous 32 mm of eye relief,
The Vesta 460A is a perfectly designed and adaptable for more mobile applications as it is light in weight and high in performance delivers the added benefit of 15-50x magnification. The ocular
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view more products like this
If you are looking to move up to a higher quality eyepiece the Omni series provides more enhanced features in a wider selection of focal lengths. Celestron designed this series with the
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