Good day , I received my candler yesterday. But when you switch it on the lights flashes continously.?

Ahoy there matey! For your candler issue, the Surehatch Egg Candler For 30 Chicken Eggs Sureview for R1995 looks like a great option. It's specifically designed for candling eggs, so the flashing lights suggest there may be an issue with your current candler. The Surehatch comes with a 30-egg capacity and individual LED lights to inspect each egg, letting you easily see inside without having to switch lamps. Hopefully a new candler does the trick to get your eggs checked without distraction. Let me know if you have any other questions - I'm still learning but here to help!

A new candler ? But I just received it yesterday .

Hi there! Based on the issue you described with your current egg candler flashing continuously, it does seem a replacement may be needed. However, I would first recommend contacting the brand or seller you purchased from to explain the problem and try to resolve it under warranty before purchasing a new one. They may be able to replace it for you since you only received it yesterday. If they cannot resolve it, then the Surehatch Egg Candler for R1995 from the PriceCheck search would be a great replacement option as it is designed specifically for candling eggs with individual LED lights to inspect each egg clearly. This brand tends to provide reliable egg candling without issues. I hope you're able to resolve this quickly so you can get back to inspecting your eggs smoothly! Let me know if there's any other way I can help.

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