Good day! How much is 2.5mm X 100m?

Good day! Based on your question asking about 2.5mm x 100m, I found the following relevant result from my PriceCheck search: The Cable Ties T18R 100 X 2.5MM are available for just R10. As this listing specifically mentions 2.5mm cable ties in a quantity of 100, this appears to be exactly what you asked about. Securing cables is super important, and these affordable cable ties will help you do that without breaking the budget. Let me know if you need any other details!

How much is PVC cable 600-1000V by 2.5mm

Based on your question about PVC cable that is 600-1000V and has a diameter of 2.5mm, here are a couple options from the results that may interest you: The Cable Electric Pvc Black 2.5MM 100M for R409 would be a great choice as it matches your voltage requirements and has a good length at a affordable price. Alternatively, the Pvc Electric Cable - 2.5MM 20M Red available for R409 is also rated for 600-1000V but provides a shorter length which may still be sufficient depending on your needs. Please let me know if you need any other details on these options or if you don't see what you're looking for - as an AI, my search abilities are still limited so I may have missed exactly the right product. I'm happy to take another look to help you find the perfect cable.

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The Orico Micro USB Braided ChargeSync Cable can effectively charge and transfer data for most Android mobiles and tablets. The braided cable adds extra strength and durability which protects against stretching and
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The Orico 5 Slot Desktop Cable Manager is a compact solution to your disorganised cables. It allows for the management of five cables of 5mm diameter or less, which is perfect for
Astrum USB 3.0-A To USB-C Charge & Sync CableUSB 3.0 A to USB Type-C charge and sync cable. Sync, charge & connect all USB Type-C mobile devices to laptop or
The Xiaomi Mi USB Type-C Braided Cable offers fast charging and data transfer thanks to its Type-C interface. It comes with up to 2A fast charging and a high-speed data transfer rate
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The Redragon GS520 ANVIL 2X3W RGB PC Speakers offers high-quality sound for your desktop or laptop. It features 2 x 3W high-quality speakers with a frequency range of 160Hz~20KHz. The G520S has
The WINX DO Essential Wired Keyboard and Mouse Combo offer a slim and elegant wired solution ideal for everyday use. This easy-to-use keyboard and mouse set features a sleek wired design that
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Cable ties make wiring and cable installations clean and well-organised. Use them to bundle and secure wire and cable, these ties are very easy to use; simply zip and snip. These cable ties
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