Etosonic 6.5kw diesel generator?

Hey there! Based on your search for an Etosonic 6.5kw diesel generator, unfortunately I didn't find any results that specifically mentioned Etosonic. However, a few options that seem close to what you're looking for include: The Supersonic Diesel Generator 6.5KW Electric Recoil Start 4-STROKE for R18210.99 or the Supersonic Silent Diesel Generator 6.5KW 4-STROKE Recoil & Electric Start OP-7500S for R18999. Both are 6.5kw diesel generators from Supersonic, which may be similar to Etosonic. They have recoil and electric start, are 4-stroke, and have similar power output to what you asked about. Hopefully one of these will work for your needs! Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Rated Voltage(V): 220-240 Rated Frequency(Hz): 50 Phase: Single Max.Output(Kw): 4.6 Rated Speed(Rpm): 3000 Engine: Diesel 9.0Hp Displacement(Ml): 418 Cooling System: Air-Cooled Starting System: Recoil+Electric Copper Coil Alternator Fuel Tank(L): 15 30Ah Maintenance-Free Battery Insulation Class: F Welding Current: 50-180A Welding Electrode: 1.6-4Mm Packed By Carton Box
Diesel Silent Generator Rated Power: 6.0KW Max. Power: 6.5KW Rated voltage: 220v single phase Power Factor cos 1 Insulation H Wheels included Rated frequency 50hz Excitation Transistorized: self-excitation brush with AVR Fuel Tank Capacity(L):
The Honda EU22I 2KVA Inverter Generator is a reliable and powerful generator ideal for both residential and commercial use. It offers an impressive 2KVA maximum output, and is powered by a
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Features: KW Rating: Max Output: 5.5kW, Continuous Output: 5kW / KVA Rating: Max: 6.8KVA, Continuous: 6.25KVA / Engine 465cc / Electric Start / Wheel Kit / Fuel Tank Capacity: 15L/ /Noise(7m):
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Description 23W Combined Light Output BLUETOOTH Speaker, FM Radio, USB input, Mp3 Player 3x3W/6V Separate Lamps with 3M Cable Built-in Speaker, FM Radio, USB Input, Mp3 Player 1500mAh Li-ion Battery 2W Solar Panel Phone Charger 220/240V AC Charger 12 Hours discharge time(
Description The Diesel generator GENTECH GP8000ES 7KW is a reliable and powerful source of electricity. Designed with a 4-stroke engine, this generator is built to deliver consistent performance. With its electric start feature,
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