Enrista r in one coffee 20sasheit?

Hi there! Based on your search for "Enrista r in one coffee 20sasheit", I found Cafe Enrista Instant 3 In 1 Strong Coffee Sachet 20G available for just R5.99. This affordable pack of 20g sachets gives you a quick and easy strong coffee fix without sacrificing on taste. As an experimental bot still learning the ropes, I don't have access to the entire PriceCheck catalogue. Please let me know if you need any other product recommendations - I'm here to help you find great deals!

I want to order 12 mild packets and 4 x20 sachet of strong

Here are some options based on your request: For 12 mild packets, I would recommend 12 packs of Cafe Enrista Mild Instant Coffee 20 Sachets at R97.99 each. At this price, 12 packs would be around R1,175 which provides you with 240 sachets of the mild coffee. For the strong coffee, 4 x 20 sachet packs of Cafe Enrista Instant 3 In 1 Strong Coffee Sachet at R5.99 each pack would give you 80 sachets for only R23.96. This combination would give you 320 sachets of mild coffee and 80 of strong coffee for a total of around R1,199. I hope one of these options works well for your needs! Let me know if you need anything else.

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