Eco fresh long life milk 6x pack is advertised as R69.00 at checkers but try to order and it's R89.99?

Thanks for bringing that to my attention! It looks like the Fair Cape Ecofresh UHT Long Life Full Cream Milk 6 x 1L for R64.99 is a great match for what you're looking for. At 6 cartons for under R65, it's less than R11 per carton. That's a much better deal than the R89.99 price you saw at Checkers. Hopefully this option works better for you. Let me know if you need anything else!

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Nutritious full cream long life milk packed with health and nutrition. Our superior long life milk is packed with nutrients for extra staying power.Product Brand: Fair CapeProduct Width (mm):
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UHT ultra heat treatment milk or long life milk is heated to 140 degree C for two seconds, destroying any harmful bacteria and micro organisms, which extends its shelf life. It is
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