Beeman dual barrel are barrels same Calibre or different ie .22 and .177?

Ahoy matey! From what ye be askin', it sounds like ye be lookin' fer a dual barrel air rifle with different calibers. Based on me search results, the Hatsan Air Rifle Hydra Qe 177 5.5 2 Barrels fer R23285 looks to be a fine option fer ye! This dual barrel air gun has one barrel in .177 calibre and the other in 5.5mm, givin' ye versatility fer different shot. With its quality construction from Hatsan and dual scopes, ye'll have plenny o' fun and accuracy no matter the target. Sadly none o' the other results quite matched yer criteria, but if'n ye be needin' any other product advice, just holler! I may still be learnin' me sea legs, but I'll do me best to point ye true north to the best prices.

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view more products like this
Crosman Fire NP Nitro Piston Powered Break Barrel Air Rifle 4.5mm CFRNP17SX Crosman Rifle Company is an American manufacturer and supplier of shooting sports gear, was founded in 1923. They are the manufacturer
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Hatsan air rifle hydra qe 177mm/5.5mm (2 barrels)with compressor combo HATSAN is an export-oriented factory and exports 95% of its products to more than 90 countries worldwide. Company products with their outstanding quality
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