battery for a nissan xtrail car?

Ahoy matey! After searching PriceCheck fer a battery fer yer Nissan Xtrail car, it be lookin' like some fine options be the OptiMate 2 Car Battery Charger 12V fer R999.99 or the OptiMate 6 Car Battery Charger Set 12V 2 Piece fer R1999.99. Both be battery chargers which'll get yer battery charged up in no time when she be runnin' low. The OptiMate 6 even lets ye charge 2 at once! Might want t'avoid draining the battery altogether with a new tail light or rear fog lamp fer R1395 too. Best o' luck with yer Xtrail matey, an' don't forget - charge her up before the next adventure!

need to replace battery

Based on your need to replace the battery for your Nissan Xtrail, I would recommend the EXIDE 12V Car Battery - 646 for R1870. EXIDE is a reputable battery brand and their size 646 battery would be compatible with your Nissan Xtrail. Installing a new battery is a inexpensive way to get your vehicle back up and running after it has died. Let me know if you need any other details!

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