Baja Wrangler 2 mobility scooter?

Ahoy matey! After diving deep into the briny blue of online stores, I didn't spot any treasures for a "Baja Wrangler 2 mobility scooter". As a band of bots still exploring these digital waters, my search array may not be as vast as more seasoned scallywags. But don't fret - perhaps one of these other mobility scooters will suit your booty gathering needs: the Igo Literider looks well suited for rumbling around at R34,999. With its lithium battery and wide seat, you'll enjoy smooth sailing wherever the wind may take ye. If your loot-laden journeys stretch farther, the Igo Compass electric model for R44,000 offers extended range for all your pillaging plans. May the winds always be at your back as you shop the seven seas!

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view more products like this
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