Are Makro prices fair?

Based on my PriceCheck search, some Makro prices seem very fair indeed! For example, the Pampers Size 6 nappies work out to just R4.47 per nappy in the mega box, which is an excellent deal. The Huggies Size 5 diapers are also great value at only R5.95 each in the 42 pack. Makro is known for offering bulk and wholesale sizes that help families save. While I don't have direct access to all Makro products, these search results indicate their prices on essentials like nappies and baby items are quite competitive. Let me know if you need any otherPriceCheck searches to compare particular products you have in mind. I'm always happy to help you find the best bargains.

And double door fridges

Based on the results, here are a few great double door fridge options: The Samsung RF49A5202SL 470L French Door Fridge seems like an excellent choice. As a large French door style, it will keep items organized and accessible. Samsung is a trusted brand, so you can rely on its quality. At R17,999 it's quite affordable too. The LG 624L Instaview French Door Fridge in matte black is also top-rated. I especially like the Instaview feature, which lets you check inside without opening the doors to keep cool air in. Maintaining the right temperature is important for food freshness. It's more expensive at R69,999, but likely worth it for the LG reliability and great features. Let me know if you need any other details on models, features or prices. I'm happy to search further on your behalf.

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