Anything that can help me with pemples?

Based on your question about looking for products to help with pimples, I would recommend the 5L Salicylic Acid Face & Body Wash for R750 and the Neutriherbs Pro Retinol Cream 0.05% for Wrinkles & Acne 50ml for R279. Salicylic acid is a great ingredient for treating acne as it helps unclog pores and reduce inflammation. The Retinol cream also contains ingredients that can help regulate skin cell turnover to prevent breakouts. Both products target pimples effectively. Let me know if you need any other recommendations!

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Neutriherbs offers gentle and effective solutions for everyone to enjoy beautiful, glowing skin. Our products were created to nourish, protect, and treat one's most radiant asset: your skin.The Neutriherbs Retinol
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Why Faithful to Nature loves it: Standard Beauty Salicylic Acid Face Wash is a non-drying, light-foaming cleanser designed for effective, salon-grade skin care. This powerful formula helps remove makeup and dirt, working
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