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Monitor Audio Plc350 Ii Centre Speaker

Monitor Audio PLC350 II Centre Speaker Features 2 x 8" RDTII long-throw bass drivers 4" RDT II mid-range driver MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer designed specifically for Platinum II 2 x HiVeII ports New patented 'DCF' (Dynam ...Read More

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Monitor Audio PLC350 II Centre Speaker


  • 2 x 8" RDTII long-throw bass drivers
  • 4" RDT II mid-range driver
  • MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) high frequency transducer designed specifically for Platinum II
  • 2 x HiVeII ports
  • New patented 'DCF' (Dynamic Coupling Filter) mechanism for more natural sound
  • Bespoke speaker terminals and footings
  • Underhung, edge-wound voice coils: greater driver efficiency and lifelike dynamics, less distortion
  • Bolt through drivers: clearer sound and cleaner aesthetics
  • Anti-Resonance Composite (ARC) mid-range housings and baffle components: reduced cabinet vibration, purer sound quality
  • TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure) sealed internal enclosure for mid-range drivers: greater sound accuracy and reduced cabinet vibration
  • Hand-upholstered front baffle: the very highest quality Inglestone leather supplied by Andrew Muirhead
  • Individual driver grilles

TLE (Tapered Line Enclosure)

The tapered and sealed internal enclosure for Platinum IIs mid-range drivers is cast from ARC material and designed to stop the formation of standing waves (internal sound wave reflections) in the cabinet. Result: greater midrange accuracy and reduced cabinet vibration for more accurate sound.

RDTII (Rigid Diapragm Technology 2nd Generation)

A composite sandwich structure made from ultra-thin low mass skins, bonded to a honeycomb Nomex core material. It is very light and very strong, meaning that it can respond with great speed without bending - just like a perfect piston. RDT II uses C-CAM for the front skin, while the rear skin is made from a woven carbon fibre material. We discovered that the new structure reduces distortion by over 8dB above 300Hz, which makes RDT II the lowest distortion cone technology in Monitor Audios history.

MPD (Micro Pleated Diaphragm) High Frequency Transducer

Developed over many months of intensive testing and listening, the MPD High Frequency Transducer is a landmark achievement by the engineering team for Platinum II. It represents an imaginative re-working of an existing technology, transforming a successful idea into an audiophile super-driver, having greater accuracy and efficiency than ever before. Using a new, proprietary low-mass pleated diaphragm with a surface area eight times larger than that of a traditional dome tweeter, the MPD transducer works like a super-fast accordion by rapidly squeezing the pleats to produce a smooth, wide, naturally fast response up to 100kHz. As a result it sounds more lifelike, releasing the high harmonic spectrum of every note without the distortion that blurs definition.

DCF (Dynamic Coupling Filter)

A new innovation in every driver replaces the usual rigid coupling of driver and voice coil with a pliable one. This Dynamic Coupling Filter is a nylon ring ingeniously calibrated to be rigid up to the crossover frequency, and to act like a spring above it. In so doing the DCF helps to dampen surplus high frequency energy produced by the driver. Its also perforated to encourage voice coil cooling and release air pressure from behind the cone for maximum driver efficiency. Result: more natural sound.

Bespoke Terminals

Platinum IIs terminal design is precision milled from solid copper with Rhodium plated conductor parts. Rhodium has been selected for its excellent electrical conductivity and resistance to oxidisation. Terminals are designed to accept a spade, 4mm banana plug or bare wire, up to 4mm in diameter (7AWG).


Having various applications within a number of our speaker ranges, this high-tech Anti-Resonance Composite material is a thermo-set polymer loaded with minerals to provide very inert, optimally-damped components. Refined by Monitor Audios engineers initially for the Platinum series, ARC is ideal for acoustic design, where a high degree of structural rigidity and vibration damping is required in order to prevent the pro
Manufacturer Monitor Audio
Model Number MA-PLC350II

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