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LG 55EC930T 55" Slim Curved Smart OLED TV

LG 55EC930T Slim Curved OLED 55" Smart TVPicture Perfect, Feel The Difference- Pixel Dimming- 4 Color Pixel- Life-like Color- True Black- LG Smart+ TVPixel Dimming- Pixel Dimming is a whole new display technology only possible in OLED (Organic Light ... Read More

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LG 55EC930T Slim Curved OLED 55" Smart TV

Picture Perfect, Feel The Difference
- Pixel Dimming
- 4 Color Pixel
- Life-like Color
- True Black
- LG Smart+ TV

Pixel Dimming
- Pixel Dimming is a whole new display technology only possible in OLED (Organic Light Emitting Diode).
- Since every single pixel generates light itself and turns on/ off independently, it achieves neverseen-before black level even in dark scenes and enhances the depth and vitality of the colors by each pixel's detailed expression.

Life-like Color
- LG OLED TV's unique 4 Color Pixel enables natural expression of every shade and hue.
- Whatever you watch will be so real and tangible that you will feel like you are right there seeing it with your naked eyes.
- It will maximize your viewing experience with truly life- like color.

True Black
- LG OLED TV has finally achieved perfect expression of black, a realm previously unattainable by ordinary television.
- Self-lighting pixels can control their own luminance, so black and dark colors can be expressed with perfection never seen before.
- Even in dark scenes, every detail is lively and visible.

Clear Motion
- Catch all the fast-paced action from your favorite flick or engage yourself with your favorite sports team with the utmost clarity.
- The highly developed response system with LG OLED TV ensures that you will never miss out on the most defining moments of your movie or game.
- This incredibly vibrant display creates crystal-clear, blur-free and seamless motion.

Perfect Viewing Angle
- The OLED TV is no longer restrained by the angle at which it is viewed and shows incredibly consistent picture from anywhere.
- Enjoy perfectly wide viewing angle with no distortion of contrast or color with LG OLED TV, the perfect display all around.

Paper Slim
- The simple structure of OLED TV allows for great improvements in shape and form as well.
- This has allowed the OLED TV to break another barrier of previous television types, and attain a slimness never before possible.
- Now, only the essential screen itself remains, without the unnecessary components.
- The result is the incredibly slim and light LG OLED TV.

Curved Screen
- The screen has been curved to naturally fit our vision range and is the most optimal form for any display,providing equal distance from all parts of the screen to the eyes.
- Shaped after the natural form of human sight and vision, the screen is more comfortable and the images more real.

4 Color Pixel
- LG's 4 Color Pixel technology adds a white sub-pixel that modifies the conventional colors of red, green, and blue, and enhances both color range and accuracy.
- This considerably improves the OLED pixels' ability to express the colors of reality with clarity, and represents a giant step ahead of not just conventional TV, but other OLED devices as well.

Form Innovator
- In form and in performance, the next giant leap in the history of display has been successfully taken.
- What was once only possible through our imagination is becoming a reality beginning with the curved screen, which will lead to flexible, portable, transparent, and other forms of display.

LG Store
- Live TV programs, VOD, 3D Contents, Apps, Recommended Content - All in one place.
- LG Store offers you a one stop location for all available entertainment.
- Find everything you need here, and better yet, see what LG recommends to you.
- Roll through the newest and most suitable content just for you at LG Store.

- By merely clicking on the Home button, you can pick out contents and functions from a Launcher located at the bottom of the screen.
- Launcher lets you switch back and forth between broadcasted programs and choice content.

Fun Setup
- From the very first moment you meet you
Internet Enabled Yes
Manufacturer Lg
Model Number 55EC930T
Panel Shape Curved
Resolution 1920 x 1080
Resolution Maximum Full HD
Screen Size 55"
Speakers 40W
USB Ports 3

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