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Sling Folding Dishrack All-in-one dish-drying solution that includes a wire rack, folding mat and caddy The base has three divided sections for
Sling Sink Caddy with Soap Dispenser Includes a removable soap pump bottle and a water-catching drainage tray for extra storage Stylish design
Separate tray area for palm brushes and sponges features in-built drainage reservoirs to keep everything you need for efficient cleaning within easy reach while preventing soap and water
Separate non-skid drip tray Made of durable silicone Easy to clean Dishwasher safe
Here at OneDayOnly we pride ourselves on two things:Our remarkable ability to remember quotes from practically any movie, and our skill in catering to almost any person in South Africa. The latter is
Large silicone dish drying matSized to fit large items such as 30cm frying pans, platters, salad bowls and moreUnique ribbed design helps dry items by maximising drainage and aerationSoft, non-slip surface protects
Non-slip silicone sink matSoft silicone is PVC free and provides cushioning to protect your sink, glasses and dishes from scratching and chippingFeet elevate mat to allow for water flow and aerationHeat-safe silicone
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Folding dish drying rack Folds flat for compact storage Non-slip grip keeps it stable Built-in ridges keep pans and
This dish rack is made of molded plastic and has a stainless-steel frame making it both durable and easy to clean. Holster has a 15-plate capacity, utensil storage, moveable stemware holder, a
Water Bottle Drying RackSpecifically designed for holding 4 water bottles or travel mugs and lidsUnique straw holder keeps up to 4 straws elevated for thorough dryingRaised edges keep lids and caps from
Brabantia SinkSide Washing Up Bowl with Drying Tray available in Dark Grey and Light Grey Ideal for squared and rectangular sinks - smart designed squared
This set is ideal to pimp up your kitchen with these washing up essentials Compact Dish Drying Rack with Accessories, Soap Dispensing Dish Brush, In-sink
Drying Rack MatConstructed of durable polypropylene, the lightweight, microfiber mat absorbs water from drying dishes, while also protecting countertops from scratching and water buildupUDry is optimal when in use, and when not
Soap Dispenser Practical and decorative soft silicone dispenser for washing-up liquid A single light squeeze dispenses the exact amount of soap needed,
Sink Station Drying Stone is a naturally porous, organic material that can quickly absorb any liquid that comes into contact. Once absorbed, the water evaporates
Dish Drying Mat Drying Stone is a naturally porous, organic material that can quickly absorb any liquid that comes into contact. Once absorbed, the water
Hands & Dishes Pump Bottles With Bamboo Tray They give a uniform and organised look to your kitchen The pump bottles have
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