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Avanti - Digital Kitchen Scale 5kg - Red These slim line glass scales will look great, store easily and are easy to maintain. Better yet they will ensure your baking and diet
The Casa glass kitchen scale is perfect for any kitchen, with its sleek 4mm thin glass, making it ultra hygienic and easy to clean. It comes complete with 'touch to set tare'
Use the scale for weighing anything from ingredients for new or favourite recipes to health-conscious meal plans. Perfect for day to day kitchen use. An ideal addition to a multifunction kitchen.
Casa Electronic Kitchen Scale With Jug Retail Box 1 year warranty Features Max capacity: 5kg/11lb Overload indicator 3 x 11mm LED display Touch On Automatic switch on What's in the box 1 x
The Camry EK8022 Electronic scale has a stainless steel round plate and solid white plastic housing with high precision strain gauge sensor. Features include termperature detection scope, room thermometer and alarm countdown
One of the secrets of great cooking is balance and precision. And these kitchen scales make it easy to accurately weigh ingredients into the same bowl you're going to use for mixing.
Anzo Inspire Digital Rectangle ScaleBrand: Anzo Anzo Inspire - Digital Rectangle Scale The Inspire digital scale has a high precision strain gauge sensors system that features: tear/auto, zero/auto, off/over, load/low
This pocket scale will help you control your brewing ratio by measuring the weight of your coffee in 0.1g increments, up to 500g
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