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AY UP Road KitThe Road Kit with its high powered LED light has been designed for all types of road bike cyclists. It is a favourite with commuters, weekend warriors and club
Fully sealed, waterproof super tough lightsets a light unit like no other. Ay Up lights are the lightest high-powered LED lightsets on the planet. Weighing in at just over 50 grams, be
HOME VLOGGING KIT WITH MICROPHONE HOLDER, POP-FILTER, PHONE HOLDER AND 3.5 INCH RING LIGHT This all-in-one desktop Vlogging kit is all you need to get streaming and vlogging like a pro. Get perfect
Characteristic: Remote Control / AUTO / Sound Activated / Rotation effect. Magnificent effects. Dimmer for green laser.FDA certification Laser Classification: Class II Light source: 0.5mw Cooling system in Intelligent temperature control. External
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