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Cruises are the primary form of tourism in the Polar Regions and cruise ship tourism in both the Arctic and Antarctic is expanding rapidly. The industry has moved beyond its infancy, and
Tourism: The Key Concepts offers a comprehensive collection of the most frequently used and studied concepts in the subject of tourism. Within the text key terms, concepts, typologies and frameworks are examined
The wellspring to the future global growth in tourism is a commitment toward good policy and strategic planning. Tourism Policy and Planning: Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow offers an introduction to the Tourism
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What sources of information do tourists consult when choosing a travel destination? How can communication channels be used to reach the tourist market for a specific region? This resource provides new insight
In two regions where tourism is of considerable economic importance, eastern Asia and the Pacific,there have been remarkably few studies of the impacts of tourism in rural areas. Moreover, the shift towards
The practice of packing a bag is a situation where subtle, daily processes can attune us to the relationships and experiences formed in mobile situations. There has been great attention to mundane
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