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These proceedings of the 7th annual conference of the North American Serials Interest Group argue that it is time to prepare for the revolution and phenomenal growth in electronic technology. Chapters cover
The Ancient and Accepted Rite for England and Wales covers the 4th-33rd degrees, including the 18th 'Rose Croix' degree. The author explores the historic background to this important part of Freemasonry with
Political Institutions in the United States guides students through the different institutions of American government. It covers the electoral and party systems, the separation of powers between the executive, legislative, and judicial
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Since long before computers were even thought of, data has been collected and organized by diverse cultures across the world. Once access to the Internet became a reality for large swathes of
The World We Have Won is a major study of transformations in erotic and intimate life since 1945. We are living in a world of transition, in the midst of a long,
What is the link between working life and the nature of production on the one hand, and the changing organisation of the firms and institutions in which work and production take place?

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