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These innovative pedal bin bags from Bonnie Bio are 100% petroleum-free, BPA-free and toxin-free. The biodegradable bags are made with PLA corn starch material, which breaks down harmlessly without leaching toxins into
Dispose of your household waste with less environmental impact. Bonnie Bio Pedal Bin Bags are made from PLA corn starch; they are just as durable as ordinary plastic bags, but they break
Choose a greener alternative for your kitchen bin, with these corn starch-based bin bags from the Bonnie Bio range. These smart bags are made with a PLA corn starch material, which is
Bonnie Bio brings you a clean and green alternative to ordinary rubbish bags. These fully biodegradable, non-toxic multi-purpose bags are made using PLA corn starch, which is just as durable as regular
Why Faithful to Nature loves it: Microgarden Electric Kitchen Composter is an easy-to-use, mess-free solution to keeping food waste out of landfills. This handy kitchen composter can hold up to 3L of
These refuse bags make a clean and green alternative to regular plastic bin bags. Theyre made from a corn starch-based PLA material, which is petroleum-free, BPA-free and toxin-free. Bonnie Bio Refuse Bags
SOBO Submersible Pumps Suction cups to fit Aquariums Long Lasting Waterproof Ceramic Shaft Suitable for fountains, ponds, fresh and sea water High lift, large flow Energy saving Environmental friendly Can be used inside or outside (on certain models) WP-3200 water
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Available in packs of 4, the ForEVA straw is the first of its kind to be commercially available in South Africa. Packaged with a cleaning brush the stainless steel straw revolution has
Specifications Meterial: PVC Cover and Iron Frame Color: Green and Transparent Size:L*W*H - 27.2 X 19.3 X 63 inches 56 X 56 X 77 inches Weight: 9.9lb
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