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This work is a cross-cultural examination of globalization and women in higher education. The book compares experiences of Western and Asian women within a framework that raises important questions about cultural difference
Following the author's biographical dictionaries on Schubert and Mozart, this work examines Beethoven's relations with the multitude of persons who formed his circle: relatives, friends, acquaintances, librettists, poets, publishers, artists, patrons, and
In "Songs in the Key of Black Life", cultural critic Mark Anthony Neal turns his attention to rhythm and blues. He argues that R&B - often dismissed as "just a bunch of
This biography of the blues star traces his life in the context of the evolution of the blues and folk revival, and is a must read for anyone interested in the history
"Internet Newspapers: The Making of a Mainstream Medium" examines newspapers on the Internet, and addresses the emergence of online newspapers and the delivery of news through this outlet.
Elevates global entertainment to an area of worthy media study that was previously reserved for global news and takes a worldwide approach, encompassing Nigeria, Egypt, Brazil, and India - in addition to
The author argues contemporary culture is in an "age of epidemic"; AIDS has provoked discussion of the disease but also seen a growth in sites of erotic danger. She traces the effects
The fragmentation of Bengal and Assam in 1947 was a crucial moment in India's socio-political history as a nation state. Both the British Indian provinces were divided as much through the actions
In this collection of essays, David Hornbrook and a team of contributors focus on practical strategies for developing the drama curriculum in primary and secondary schools. The book also clearly explain the
Media studies needs richer and livelier intellectual resources. This book considers key processes of media change, using a number of critical perspectives. It is suitable for undergraduate and postgraduate students and researchers
Through specific examples, case studies and essays, this collection of essays looks at theatre practices across Europe. From "Theatre du Soleil" to "SocA-etas Raffaello Sanzio", it reconsiders the possibilities of theatre practice,
The essays in this volume analyse differing aspects of the complex relationship between the media and democracy in a diverse range of national contexts.
Explores spoken interactions in the media, drawing on sources from the English speaking world including chat shows, radio phone-ins and political interviews with leaders such as Tony Blair and George W Bush.
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