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In this contemporary look at the world of workbenches, Lon Schleining takes us on a guided tour of a wide variety of classic, modern, and specialty benches and offers hundreds of options
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Are you buying a home for the first time, wanting to sell and buy again, or wanting to earn income from renting out property? A guide to buying or selling a house
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One of the most popular and affordable tools - the router - is capturing the interest of woodworkers, builders and DIY-ers. It contains 350 photos make for easy instructions for creating elegant
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This illustrated guide shows prospective home buyers just how easy it is to design homes to fit their exact needs and wants, while saving thousands of dollars in architectural fees. Covers choosing
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An illustrated guide to new approaches to woodturning and carving. Three basic chapters are followed by 12 illustrated projects covering decorative marks, lettering, low-relief and pierced-relief carving, working in the round and
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A simple and accessible guide to the basic tools you need for a wide range of jobs, including tiling, painting, flooring, woodwork and general repairs in the home; useful tips show you
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With The Woodwright's Companinon, Roy Underhill continues to demonstrate "how to start with a tree and an axe and make one thing after another until you have a house and everything in
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For woodworkers, hand tools put the emphasis on the process of woodworking rather than the result. Yet hand tools also are essential to the highest level of craftsmanship, bringing a refinement to
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Whittling, an age-old woodworking technique, is growing in popularity. How to Whittle presents 25 beautiful whittling projects to make, ranging from polished butter knives and love spoons to custom-made coat hooks and

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