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Casals Electric Grass Trimmer 500WFeatures Input power: 550W 290mm cutting width Height adjustable telescopic pole Adjustable auxiliary handle No-load speed: 10500rpm Guide wheel for edge trimming
18 V Li-ion battery for cordless freedom with up to 17 minutes runtime Lightweight (1.8 kg) and ergonomic design for comfortable handling Up to 210 km/h airspeed for fast and efficient work Easy clearing of
Ergonomically designed handles for ease of use and handling, Ryobi?s hedge trimmer features the power and control needed to ensure a well trimmed hedge, with reduced vibration.
Features Powerful 500W motor with electric brake 410mm blade length with double action cutting blades for a cleaner and faster cut Ergonomically designed handle with a soft grip for improved handling and transparent safety
Aluminium tube and solid steel drive shaft for maximum power transmission and minimal vibration. Ergonomic handle to prevent an uneven load being placed on the user's back.What's in the box: x
Ryobi - 300W Line Trimmer - White It's an 300W motor and is perfect for everyday grass trimming, it has a loop shaped handle with textured surface to improved grip. Very light weight
A ready-to-use rodenticide soft block bait for the control of mice (Mus musculus), Norwegian or brown rats (Rattus norvegicus) and Roof rats (Rattus rattus) in and around buildings, including strains resistant to
Features 710W high power motor Adjustable length aluminium shaft with adjustable angle auxiliary handle 3-position pivoting head tilts to accommodate hard-to-trim areas Edging function with wheel support for easy and accurate edge trimming Auto-spoo system allows
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