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The animals are excited about Jesus's birth, and your children will be, too, as they turn each colourful page and watch the animals get ready for the baby.
This text examines a wide range of models of reading instruction, representing a continuum from highly-structured, task-analytic instruction to child-centred and holistic instruction. By examining these variables, the book makes a contribution
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In the author's words: "This book is an honest attempt to understand what it means to be educated in today's world." Schank's argues that no matter how important science and technology are,
This volume offers a progressive approach to secondary teaching and teacher training, with particular emphasis upon students and teachers collaborating to negotiate curriculum design - goals, content, methods, and assessment.
Recognising the need for pedagogy that better serves American Indian Students, the authors construct a pedagogical model that blends native and non-native worldviews and methods.
An examination of the real world consequences of the political pressures and influences on teachers today. In particular, it looks at how the political actions of the conservative right disempower and control

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