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Ear Plugs Sleep Pretty In Pink 6 Pairs
Ideally used to drown out noise
Ear Plugs Sleep Pretty In Pink 14 Pairs
Ideally used to drown out noise
Ear Plug Ultimate Softness Series 6 Pairs
Ideally used to drown out noise
Hot Pack Re-usable
Levtrade Hot Pack Re-usable
- Hms Bounty 1783
The H.M.S. Bounty is very well known to all from films and books. It's a relatively simple boat: a merchant ship, rigged as a frigate and equipped for exploration journeys, a common
Model Rectifier Corp. Academy New Bedford Whaler Model Kit
Academy Plastic brand 1:200 Plastic New Bedford Whaler Circa 1835 from Academy Plastics.It's for ages 10 and up.Until the 1870s whaling was a very important industry in New England.Sailing half way around
- Modelcraft A3 Cutting Mat
  3 layer PVC mat in sandwich structure ensures no cracking or warping. Non slip surface of base holds paper firmly and prevents blade run and cutting error.Preserves the life of blades,
- X-26 Clear Orange Enamel Model Paint
Enamel paints are used for brush or spray painting, and can be applied to almost any surface of wood, metal or plastic.Each bottle contains 10ml of paint.
- 1:35 Us M41 Walker Bulldog Plastic Model Kit
The M-41 type tank was greatly improved since its first model appeared in the Korean War and because of its light weight and compactness in size, this type tanks were placed mainly
- 1:72 JU-87 B2 Stuka Plastic Model Kit
The JU-87 Stuka was the standard ground attack plane and dive bomber of the German Air Force at the beginning of WWII. In spite of its mediocre characteristics it achieved considerable fame
- 1 72 F-5 F Tiger II Twin Seater Plastic Model Kit
SUPER DECALS SHEET FOR 6 VERSIONS Developed in the early seventies from the American company Northrop, as direct evolution of its predecessor, the F-5E Tiger II was characterized by an
- 1:72 P-51D Mustang Plastic Model Kit
The Mustang is one of the worlds best known airplanes and was without doubt the best fighter plane of World War II. It was built in record time in 1943 for the
- 1:32 - North American P-51D K Mustang Plastic Model Kit
The P-51D Mustang incorporated advanced features such as a laminar flow wing and an efficient radiator design. It was powered by the Packard-built Rolls-Royce Merlin V-1650 engine and it demonstrated superior high
- 1 48 - Mirage III C Plastic Model Kit
The A-10 Thunderbolt II is a single-seat, twin-engine jet aircraft designed to provide close air support (CAS) of ground forces by attacking tanks, armored vehicles, and other ground targets. As a secondary
- 1:32 F4U-1A Corsair
This is a highly detailed model recreating the F4U-1A variant of the highly popular Corsair model. Newly-designed parts are included in the kit to accurately capture the modifications which distinguish it from
- 1 72 EF-2000: 100TH Anniversary "gruppi Caccia" Plastic Model Kit
CONTAINS 2 MODELS - SUPER DECALS SHEET FOR 4 VERSIONS - COLOUR INSTRUCTION SHEET The Eurofighter project, developed from the second half of the 80s by a consortium of European
- 1:72 UH-60 Black Hawk Night Raid Plastic Model Kit
The Black Hawk is the U.S. Armys front-line utility helicopter used for air assault, air cavalry and aeromedicals evacuation units. It is designed to carry 11 combat-loaded air assault troops and it
- 1:72 KFZ.305 Ambulance Plastic Model Kit
The Opel Blitz medium truck was used extensively by the German Army on all fronts during World War Two. Several thousand of them were produced. They were also used as platforms for
- 1:35 German 2CM Flakvierling 3 Plastic Model Kit
Tamiya - 1:35 German 2cm Flakvierling 3 (Plastic Model Kit)
- 1:12 Ducati 916 Plastic Model Kit
About the Ducati 916 Ducati, the renowned Italian motorcycle manufacturer, is highly regarded by motorcycle enthusiasts the world over. Their current top-of-the-line "916" bike was unveiled to the public during the 1993 Milan
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