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PINSEEKER WITH JOLT Provides the golfer with short vibrating pulses to give a tactile confirmation that the laser has locked onto the flag. This mode makes getting on the green and hitting the
UTG 2.6" ITA Red/Green CQB Micro Dot with Integral QD Mount SCP-DS3026W DETAIL INFORMATION Micro Dot Sight Built on True Strength Platform, Shockproof, Fogproof and Rainproof Versatile Super-compact Body - a Mere 2.6"
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Instant acquisition of the distance to the flag Confirmation of the distance to the flag by vibration Magnification: 6X
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Bushnell PRIME 1700 Laser Rangefinder The all new Bushnell Prime 1700 rangefinder provides hunters and shooters the capability to range PRS distances. Featuring an all-glass optical system and an improved LCD Display, the
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The all-new Bushnell Prime 1800 is now the ultimate laser rangefinder for hunters. It features ActivSync Display technology that fluidly morphs to your background for maximum contrast and readability in all conditions.
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The laser rangefinder makes it possible to know precisely and quickly the distance at which a given object is located. It is very useful for photgraphy, hunting or golfing. The TEL1050 laser rangefinder
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TRUE PLAY AS DISTANCE SLOPE OR TOURNAMENT LEGAL WHEN YOU NEED IT Slope-Switch technology lets a golfer easily switch the Tour V4 Shift to a USGA conforming device for legal tournament play when they
The PROSTAFF 1000 6x20 Laser Rangefinder puts a solid 1,000-yard maximum ranging capability into your hand, together with compact ergonomics that will fit your pocket
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Bushnell Pro X3 Rangefinder TheBushnell Pro X3 Rangefinderis the most feature rich, best performing laser rangefinder on earth. Bushnell Golf brings you its most advanced laser rangefinder yet. Packing all of the market-leading
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Works with all 35mm concealed hinges Shank fits perfectly in Concealed Hinge Jig drill guide Shoulder ensures accurate stop-collar positioning (stop collar sold separately with Concealed Hinge Jig) Spurs create clean hole edges without tearout Large
MTC RAPIER BALLISTIC RANGE FINDER (BLUETOOTH ENABLED) MTC rapier Ballistic range finder (Bluetooth enabled) Rapier Ballistic Rangefinder MTC Optics announces a small laser-rangefinder with a big difference. The new MTC RAPIER BALLISTIC will accurately measure ranges
Ultra Compact, Range and Mode Buttons Only, Tell How Many Clicks You Need to Adjust. 6x Magnification, 5-1850 Meters / 5-2000 Yards Range, Measure in Meters or Yards. 900 Yds Deer Range, 500 Yds
6xMagnification,5-750Meters/6-800YardsRange,MeasureinMetersorYards 300 Yards PinLockorSmallObject,ScanMode for MultipleTargets, 0.3S Reponded Time w/Angle RangingtoGettheSlopedTrueHorizontal,Height&LineofSightDistance VeryCompactPortablePalm-in-HandSize,RangeandModeButtonsOnly, Easy of Use Magnification:6x ObjectiveLens:21mm ExitPupil:15mm OpticsCoating:Fullycoated RangingDistance:5-750meters/6-800yards AngleRange:-70to70degree PinLockRange:Upto300meters FieldofView:6 AimingReticleSize:12MOA ScanMode:Yes RangingResponseTime:0.3S LaserType:905nM RangeAccuracy:1@1000Y/M2@2000Y/M AngleAccuracy:1 FocusAdjustment:Yes(ocularlens) Size:98.5x77x37mm/3.8x3x1.4" Weight(net):125g/4.4oz HousingMaterial:Plasticwithrubber BatteryType:CR2 IPX4 water resistant 20secondsauto
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Whether it's the upgraded backlit colour display or Bluetooth technology that's compatible with the free Bosch app (MeasureOn), this is a laser measure that's ready for anything. The Bosch GLM 50 C
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