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Massage For: Reflexology DVD
Massage For: Reflexology(DVD)
Rise And Shine - Region 1 Import DVD
Rise And Shine - (Region 1 Import DVD)
Davina - Intense DVD
Fitness devotee Davina McCall presents this high-intensity work-out. Designed to work in short energetic bursts, the three effective and fun routines are great for fitness, toning and fat-burning.
Michelle Mcmanus-the Lifeplan - Import DVD
Former bodacious Pop Idol champion Michelle McManus presents a lifestyle-change plan. Glaswegian belter Michelle McManus was known and loved by millions as winner of 2004's Pop Idol talent contest. Her positive outlook
Look Years Younger Naturally DVD
Look Years Younger Naturally(DVD)
Heat Magazine: Get That Celeb Look DVD
Geri Halliwell's personal trainer Simon Waterson shows you how to firm up your body and get a peachy posterior like Kylie's, a toned tummy like Britney's and legs like Cameron's. The programme also gives you
Fabulously Fit At 50: Angela Rippon DVD
People who exercise over the age of 50 are protecting their body against major age-related illness. In this programme, Angela Rippon, with the help of qualified instructor Sheena Land, demonstrates a number of exercises which
Salsacise DVD
Soap star and trained dancer Tracy Shaw brings you the latest fitness sensation...Salsacise. It's sexy salsa dance and aerobics rolled into one....
Slim & Salsacise DVD
Rosemary Conley shows you how to lose weight, look good and feel great whilst learning some sexy Latin dance steps.
Facts Complimentary Medicine DVD
Designed with doctors, health professionals and the general public in mind, this programme provides an opportunity to watch what actually happens within a variety of disciplines and see just how the practitioners
Complimentary Kids Asthma DVD
Complimentary Kids Asthma (DVD)
Complimentary Kids Weight DVD
Complimentary Kids Weight (DVD)
Tai Chi For Beginners With Jason Chan DVD
Tai Chi For Beginners With Jason Chan DVD
Rosemary Conley's Fitness Triple Pack DVD, Boxed Set
This 3-DVD box set includes the titles: Ultimate Body Workout, Five-Day Fat Burner and Fat Attack. Rosemary Conley is the UK's leading diet and fitness expert with over 33 years'
Understanding Childbirth DVD
Understanding Childbirth DVD
Swedish Massage The Complete Body Experience DVD
Victoria Sprigg takes you through the principles of Swedish Massage, and demonstrates the techniques needed to bring about ultimate relaxation.
Aromatherapy: Natural Remedies and Everyday Relaxation DVD
Join holistic therapist Victoria Sprigg as she explains the principles and techniques of Aromatherapy.
Infinite Chi Gung For Health DVD
Jason Chan presents this guide to Chi Kung: a subtle yet dynamic moving, breathing, graceful art that priovides the key to cultivating the flow and balance of radiant energy in the body.
Yogalates For Weight Loss DVD
Two dynamic exercise routines that will help you slim down, tone up and lose weight safely. Combining the best of two exercise regimes -Yoga and Pilates, Yogalates is an award winning workout
Latina Size - Lilias Latin Body Workout DVD
Latina Size - Lilias Latin Body Workout (DVD)
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