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Breakdance - The Movie DVD
In this 1980s classic, a struggling jazz dancer (Lucinda Dickey) teams up with two hot breakdancers (Adolfo Quinones and Michael Chambers) in an attempt to win a big-time dance competition. The music
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 6 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 6 (DVD)
Wow Let's Dance: Volume 1 DVD
Wow Let's Dance: Volume 1(DVD)
Line Dancing With Lionel - Volumes 1 & 2 DVD
Both Lionel Blair's best selling line dancing programmes are included in this DVD, offering two hours of top tuition and toe tappin' tunes. On the first programme Lionel is put through his
Tchaikovsky Bolshoi Ballet Petit Liepa - La Dame De Pique Region 1 DVD
Directed by Denis Ca ozzi, Denis Ca*ozzi. Starring Yan Godovsky, Svetlana Lunkina, Ilze Liepa.
Step Up 1-5 DVD
Step Up 1-5(DVD)
Everybody Salsa: Sessions 1-4 DVD
Four-volume box set over which Irene Miguel presents a comprehensive guide to salsa. 'Volume 1' covers footwork, basic steps and how to move the upper body and hips. In 'Volume 2', Irene reviews what has
Pineapple Studios Dance Masterclass: Commercial Jazz DVD
Part of the series of dance instruction programmes from the world-renowned Pineapple Dance Studios. Top choreographers demonstrate warm-up sessions and step-by-step routines, as well as full performances.
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 2 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 2 (DVD)
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 3 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 3 (DVD)
Flashbacks Of A Fool DVD
The story of a jaded and, ultimately faded Hollywood star, Joe Scott; a man whose life has spiraled out of control through drug dependency and a totally hedonistic lifestyle. With an indifferent
Moving & 39 N& 39 Grooving DVD
Children's dancing guide, presented by dance instructor Lucy Knight, with routines inspired by popular hit singles such as 'Macarena' and 'Living La Vida Loca'.
Step Up 3 - 3d blu-ray Disc
New Yorks intense street dancing underground comes alive in the third instalment of the Step Up franchise as the raw, passion-fuelled culture goes global. A tight-knit group of street dancers, including Luke
Tru Dance with Lisa: Hip Hop Cardio Made Simple
Let Lisa Nunziella and friends take your cardiovascular workout to the next level. Workout with non-stop dance moves to a funky Hip-Hop style that are simple to learn and easily broken down
Rudolf Nureyev Bruhn Erik - Their Compl Bell Tel Hour Appearances 1961-1967 Region 1 DVD
Two of the most important dancers of the 20th Century, featured here in this compilation of TV performances.
Black Noise Presents: Hip Hop - How To... DVD
Black Noise Presents: Hip Hop - How To... (DVD)
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 9 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 9 (DVD)
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 5 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 5 (DVD)
Wow Let& 39 S Dance: Volume 7 DVD
Wow Let' S Dance: Volume 7 (DVD)
Belly Dancing - With Jacqueline Chapman DVD
Belly Dancing is an exercise and fitness regime for all ages, shapes and sizes. Belly Dancing will tone up your waist, hips, thighs, abdomen and improve your posture, stamina, co-ordination and flexibility. The
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