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Walt Disney Coyote Ugly
From hit-making producer Jerry Bruckheimer comes the sexy, romantic comedy Coyote Ugly. With an unbeatable cast of hot stars including Piper Perabo and Maria Bello, this hit movie is even more intoxicating
Wings Of Desire German DVD
Every day, Dammiel listens to the thoughts of mortals who play their lives out on the streets of West Berlin. He finds himself entranced by a trapeze artist whose eloquent expression of
A Matter Of Life And Death DVD
One night over Europe, a crippled Lancaster Bomber struggles home across the English Channel, all crew dead except for the young pilot (David Niven) desperately scanning the radio for signs of life.
New Moon DVD
In the second installment of Stephenie Meyer's phenomenally successful Twilight series, the romance between mortal and vampire soars to a new level as Bella Swan delves deeper into the mysteries of the
Closer DVD
Director Mike Nichols brings Patrick Marber's highly acclaimed theatrical tour de force Closer to the screen. An uncompromisingly honest look at modern relationships, Closer is the story of four strangers (Julia Roberts,
From Here To Eternity English & Foreign Language DVD
An Academy Award-winning drama about a close-knit army camp in Hawaii before the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbour. Winner of eight Oscars, including Best Picture. Based on the novel by James Jones In
Pretty In Pink DVD
She's a high school girl from the wrong side of town. He's the wealthy heartthrob who asks her to the prom. But as fast as their romance builds, it's threatened by the
Say Anything
In this charming, critically-acclaimed tale of first love, Lloyd, an eternal optimist, seeks to capture the heart of Diane, an unattainable high school beauty and straight-A student. She surprises just about everyone -
August Rush DVD
There's music in the wind and sky. Can you hear it? And there's hope. Can you feel it? The boy called August Rush can. The music mysteriously draws him, penniless and alone,
When In Rome DVD
Romantic comedy starring Kristen Bell, Josh Duhamel and Danny DeVito. Beth Harper (Bell) is a young, career-driven New Yorker who has hitherto been very unlucky in love. While on a whirlwind trip
The Notebook DVD
Behind every great love is a great story. Two teenagers from opposite sides of the tracks fall in love during one summer together, but are tragically forced apart. When they
Sea Of Love - Enhanced Edition DVD
New York cop Frank Keller (Al Pacino) is divorced, disenchanted and coming close to retirement. A serial killer strikes in the city, attacking men in their bedrooms and it would seem that a woman using
Room In Rome English & Foreign Language DVD
Julio Medem writes and directs this sensual, two-hander drama charting a one night stand that develops into something deeper. Elena Anaya and Natasha Yarovenko star as Alba (who is Spanish) and Natasha (who is Russian),
I Hate Valentine's Day Blu-ray disc
Nia Vardalos writes, directs and stars in this Manhattan-set romantic comedy. 40-something florist Genevieve Gernier (Vardalos) has had a tricky time with love. In order to avoid the complications and risks she
One More Kiss DVD
Sarah Hopson (Valerie Edmond) realises that her glamorous New York lifestyle is essentially empty, and decides to move back to her home town in the Scottish Borders and pursue her only true love - her
The Piano Teacher
Isabelle Huppert gives a performance of astounding emotional intensity as Erika Kohut, a repressed woman in her late thirties who teaches piano at the Vienna Conservatory and lives with her tyrannical mother,
Mr. Nobody DVD
In 2092, the oldest man in the world is 118 year old Nemo. He is on his death bed reflecting on the three main loves of his life to a reporter. There
Dante& 39 S Cove - Season 2 DVD Boxed Set
Upping the nudity and supernatural fun, the second season of Dante's Cove is even juicier than the first! The gorgeous residents of the Hotel Dante are back with more sexy schemes, deadly
Lois & Clark - Season 3 DVD Boxed Set
Wedding planning puts a strain on any couple. Lois and Clark aren't just any couple. Besides coping with caterers and orange blossoms, they must battle mad scientists, Lex Luthor, revived World War
Breathe In DVD
Family drama directed by Drake Doremus and starring Guy Pearce, Amy Ryan and Felicity Jones. Keith (Pearce) and Megan (Ryan)'s marriage is put to the test when they invite British exchange student
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