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SwimDry has debuted its very own on-the-go aircon. This innovative product re-defines body cooling, especially in our warm, South-African climate. The Swimdry Chillax towel has a cooling effect that is long-lasting
The OutdoorTowel is light and ultra-absorbent, Quick-Drying and compact with anti-bacterial properties. The outdoor microfiber towel dries quickly & is suitable for outdoor conditions.Options: Sky Blue Black Pink Navy Peach Grey Black Grey Blue Purple Black Jade
While traditional towels lose their threads, become worn out and begin grazing your skin when you're drying off, Swimdry Microfiber towels have an ultra durability factor that keeps it permanently and luxuriously
The Xtra Large Picnic Mat in a bag is Swimdrys latest product and the ultimate summer accessory. It is a unique combination waterproof on the outside and quick-drying, trusted Microfiber on the
Whether it is a road trip, family vacation or dream holiday, the Swimdry Beach towel range is a major problem-solver. The outdoor microfiber towel dries quickly & is suitable for outdoor conditions.
SwimDrys Travel Companion is made from the renown Microfiber fabric and is stylish and trendy. Just slot it into your purse, backpack or handbag and customize your travel experience.You can
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