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Bootlegger Blend of 100% Arabica coffee beans, roasted in Cape Town Consists of beans of 3 origins, namely Guatemala, Costa Rica and Tanzania Medium roast, full body with hints of citrus acidity  Thirty percent of Bootlegger beans are Rain Forest Alliance Certified, which ensures their contribution towards conserving bio-diversity and fair trade for farmers.
NOMU Vegan Hot ChocolateDeliciously rich and creamyUsing only the finest plant-based creamer, sustainably-sourced cocoa powder and real, organic dark chocolate piecesGiving consumers a warm, indulgent, chocolatey hot beverage experience with absolutely no
Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods 10 Single Capsules Per Pack Retail Box No Warranty Product Overview The Starbucks Blonde Espresso Roast Nespresso Compatible Coffee Pods features a lightest espresso roast
The Caffeluxe Signature Range Lungo Dark Roast Coffee 10 Capsules is perfect for those who enjoy indulging in a richer, bolder, and more intense cup of coffee. This signature dark roast
10 CAPSULES PER BOX This darkly roasted blend doesn't mess around, delivering a full-bodied, richly rounded flavour courtesy of premium Arabica beans sourced from South American and Africa. *Compatible with
Italian Roast – : Honduras, Kenyan & Burundi Blend Infused with Alpha CBD For those who like their coffee as strong as the …. we highly recommend this blend. This Italian Roast has
Capsules with 100% Arabica medium roasted coffee beans The Bootlegger blend has hints of toasted hazelnut, caramel and a subtle touch of dark chocolate
This versatile treat is delicious sprinkled over ice cream, or used in a variety of coffee drinks, such as mochas and frappuccinos You can even
Unsweetened cocoa drink Simply add milk, a milk substitute or water to create a chocolately drink Completely unsweetened so you can add
Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino 30 Capsules Retail Box No Warranty Product Overview Nescafe Dolce Gusto Cappuccino Capsules 30s is an intense espresso with rich and bold aromas, combined with the smooth taste and creaminess
Our award-winning semi-sweet chocolate has a longer conching time which results in a velvety smooth, milder chocolate which is perfect for those who arent dark chocolate fans but still prefer a chocolate
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