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This book looks closely at the endings of narrative digital games, examining their ways of concluding the processes of both storytelling and play in order to gain insight into what endings are
In this enthralling original graphic novel, meet the Pandaren, one of the most beloved (and mysterious) races in World of Warcraft! Li Li Stormstout, a precocious young student, lives atop a giant
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Until now, the myths, mysteries, and machinations of the Destiny universe were found hidden throughout the worlds - enticing threads that hinted at a greater tapestry. The Destiny Grimoire Anthology weaves tales
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For over 25 years, World of Warcraft has offered a land rich in mystery and wonder. Now players can get an in-depth look at the artifacts, gear, weaponry, and trinkets they have
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The third volume of The Art of Hearthstone chronicles the artistic achievements that infused the Year of the Mammoth with charm, character, and beauty. The third volume of The Art of Hearthstone
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A full-color, oversized, hardcover tome that faithfully adapts the original Japanese material, detailing the creation of the most recent entry in the Final Fantasy saga Final Fantasy XV 's world of Eos
The premium hardcover Collector's Edition is printed on superior quality art paper, and also includes bonus material. 100% authoritative: all branching paths, all side quests, all rewards, and all endings fully mapped
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